终极蓝印 by priest

Zhongji Lanyin/The Ultimate Blue Seal

The sky was still hazy, and muffled thunder rose and fell. Su Qing climbed up. His gaze swept over the abyss. He suddenly understood his path—freedom or death.


Summary: With the ever changing and fast-pace development of science and technology, technological terrorism seems to have risen along with the current. In this world, a mysterious and non-governmental organization called Utopia hides among civilization like a monster silently hunting on its prey. Taking 'energy' as the core purpose, they conduct experiments on human bodies without their consent, with the goal of extracting human emotions and converting them into 'technology fuel'.

The story started with Su Qing, who ran away to a gay bar in an attempted to get wasted after being dump by his boyfriend. As a consequence of his one-night stand encounter with Hu Bugui - the team caption of the "RZ Unit", whom Utopia suspected Su Qing has deep association with, they kidnapped him. Su Qing was reformed and turned into Grey Seal at an Utopia Base where there are many others who were kept prisoners like him. There, Su Qing had to learn how to stay sane and survive in a world where his humanity is constantly being tested and deviated from the norms.

Zhongji Lanyin is the story of a little weakling of a loser who can't do anything but eat, drink, and have fun, who's been dumped on top of it, grows up into a crafty and conniving genuine man.

Status: 103 chapters + 3 extras (completed) HE
Genre: modern danmei, sci-fi, fantasy
CP: gentle and serious militant gong Hu Bugui x weakling loser turned into a crafty chameleon shou Su Qing / GuiQing

Trigger Warnings: This is a novel that contain many mature themes, please read at your own risk. Depiction of graphic violence, gore, torture, human experiments and dehumanizations, keeping hostages without consent, mention of sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault, suicide, mental health disorders, preferences to animal cruelty, child endangerment and reproductive coercion.

this part contains heavy spoilers, please proceed at your own risks


Little informations was revealed. From what we gather, Blue Seal is divided into two types: Conversion Type Blue Seal and Auxiliary Type Blue Seal.

'Auxiliary Type Blue Seal' seals naturally carried the grey color hence why they are called "Grey Seal" or "Little Grey".

There are many Auxiliary Type Blue Seals as they are needed to be the auxiliary for Conversion Type Blue Seals with the purpose of absorbing human emotions.

Grey Seals maximum usages are 3 times, they suffers gravely after each usage and and often ends up dead.


To put simply, energy crystal is an extra organ that being artificially stimulated into human bodies by Utopia researchers. The main function of energy crystal is to absorb emotions and convert them into energy. This new type of energy is called ‘emotional energy'.

Grey Seals must exist alongside Blue Seals because it is impossible to extract one single type of emotion from the human body for they always come as a pairs.

Theoretically speaking, someone who carries a pairs of energy crystals will be able to convey emotions into energy on their own without the need of an auxiliary. But this theory goes against the Law of Emotional Attraction in which Blue Seals’ energy system based on. (Each person can only carry one single core of crystal energy)

Later on we learn that Blue Seals is actually a mutation product from experiments because their existence on its own has deadly fatal flaws. They can't extract energy on their own nor they can eliminate the extra 'materials' through natural means, therefore would suffer many side effects in the long run.


There are four emotional correspondence types:

Type 1: Happiness
Type 2: Sadness

Type 3: Fear
Type 4: Anger

You can only absorb the emotions of your type.

It is also mentioned that the death rate for Type 2s are rather high and they can die easily from just one single usage.

what is perfect double core?

In the beginning, 'Project Utopia' denied the existence of the double core energy crystal system for two reasons: it couldn't have been possible since theoretically double core doesn't exist and if it is, it will still wouldn't be as strong as Blue Seals's with their one core systems. Since Utopia considered 'power’ as criteria for whether a species's evolution is successful or not, they chose to focus on Blue Seals and opted for quantity over stability.

After finding out that Su Qing is able to activate a pairs of energy crystals, Utopia continues to conduct more and more experiments on human bodies in hope of achieving the same goal.

main characters

SU QING (苏轻)

"Believe in logic, don't believe in emotion."

A rare Auxiliary Type Grey Seal (Type 2)
He wears a pairs of black stud earrings.
Weakling of a loser that grows into a crafty and meticulously cunning man.
Often described as extremely pretty.
He has a "son" name Tu Tutu.
Social skill: 100 Horniness: 10000

HU BUGUI (胡不归)

"As long as you say the word, it's not a big deal to die for you."

Captain of the Guiling Team (or RZ Unit)
Excellent at his job, amazing leader skills, one hell of a good man.
His aura is often described as too powerful that it scares people off but underneath the surface he's very gentle.
Weaknesses and strengths: a perfectionist, amazing self-restrain, sometimes a little too much.
Communication skill: -100 Everything else: 10000


chen lin (陈林)

“When this is over, let me be free.”

Conversion Type Blue Seal (Type 1)
He always wears a pair of glasses.
Though having a slender figure, he's very strong physically and more sensitive to emotions than an ordinary Blue Seal.
Very bastard-ish, but at the same time he carries an elegant and graceful aura with him.
Su Qing is his "Little Grey" at the start of the novel.

arts by micha

Shi Huizhang
Jiang Lan
Li Gu
Gui Song
Luo Xiaofeng


*An independent military organization that specializes in protecting, rescuing innocent civilians from the mysterious Blue Seals of Utopia


Fang Xiu
Qin Luo
Liao Chenyuan

SUPPORT PERSONNEL (scientific research and medical)
Lu Guangbai (Dr.Lu)
Xue Xiaolu (Dr.Lu's assistant)
Xu Ruchong (technician)
Chang Dou


Cheng Weizhi/Professor Cheng: an elder that Su Qing spent most of his time with in "Grey House" at Utopia Base.

Li Pengcheng: a "fortune-telling old swindler" who later becomes Su Qing's shifu.

Tu Tutu: a child whose parents was killed during Blue Seal 'feast'. He's also a Grey Seal and is currently under Su Qing's care.

Code 11235: a mysterious sniper that worked for Utopia with the nickname of Qiang (枪 - meaning Gun).

Dr. Kou/Kou Tong: a traveler psychologist doctor with a signature 'lucky smile' who works for the government.


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